Portable & Stationary Cold Feed/Recycle Bins

"Go Green" by adding a custom Recycle or Shingle Bin Feeder!

At CWMF, staying on top of industry requirements means providing our customers with the equipment to meet them.  Environmental concerns require recycling equipment to process recycled asphalt or shingles.  Portable or Stationary options are available for all your recycling equipment needs.


Our bins are built with longevity, accuracy and convenience in mind. Our unique underbin conveyor mount, for example, allows you to replace belts without having to remove the conveyor. This not only saves time, but also prevents the conveyor from taking unnecessary abuse.

Standard features include bolt-on bulk heads with optional dual-side available. The bulk heads can be easily removed and transferred to the other side of the bins.

Wrap drives on the discharge conveyor are also standard and offer the following benefits:

  • Ease of maintenance functions. The drive is located at the base of the discharge conveyor and does not require any “in air” maintenance procedures. This not only facilitates quicker service, but also provides an added safety feature.
  • Better weight distribution. Depending on the length of the discharge conveyor, the “top heavy” weight can cause possible reduced structural integrity. Also, with the installation of a hydraulic tip, it allows for a smoother fold-in motion and there is less wear on the hydraulic cylinders.

Other optional features include:

  • Grizzley on a recycle bin (remote control hydraulic lift)
  • DC, ACVF or Eddy Current drives
  • Bin extensions
  • Hydraulic tip on discharge belt
  • UHMW liners
  • Mine duty options
  • Various belt widths and bin volumes

In addition to our standard bin line, CWMF will customize your bins to any specification to meet your application. Such as adding a bin to an existing unit, special purpose, Grizzley bars, bin wall lining, vibrators, and even custom blending bin systems.

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